Too Much Debt?

man nervous about debtThe first problem my wife and I ran in to when we were first married was our debt accumulation. We figured that everyone survived off of credit cards and debt. We didn't realize it, but our debt was increasing immensely and at a very quick rate. Debt is the worst thing to get involved in, so the sooner you can get out of it the better. Start making the steps today to get yourself debt-free as soon as you possibly can.

Bad Credit?

credit infoThe unfortunate thing about graduating from high school and starting the real world is the fact that they don't teach you all you need to know about credit cards and building credit. The truth of the matter is that if you have bad credit, it makes life rather difficult. If you currently have a bad credit score, do not despair. There is a way to improve your score and help get those rates you've always wanted. Come learn how to make that happen!

Organization is Everything

organized recordsOne of the first things my wife and I did to help regain control of our finances was organize our records. I'll have to admit, I didn't think that organization could help us get out of our financial crisis. It didn't take long after we finally organized all of our records, but I noticed a difference in the way we viewed things. I'll admit now that organization helped save our marriage. If there is one thing I would stress with financial help, it would be organization.

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